8. Start download site

GenomeHubs provides an h5ai container to host files for download. Any files in directories mounted in the container under /var/www/html will be available for download so additional files can be hosted alongside the files generated in previous steps.

Edit files in conf directory

Edit Masthead.html to change the site name, logos and link urls:

  • add images to the ~/genomehubs/v1/download/conf/img directory if you wish to include them on your site

  • further changes to the appearance can be made by editing the styles in custom.css

$ cd ~/genomehubs/v1/download/conf
$ nano Masthead.html
# replace references to example.com with your domain name

Edit _h5ai.headers.html to change the message that will be printed at the top of all directory listings:

$ nano _h5ai.headers.html
# replace with your own message

Start h5ai downloads container

Start the h5ai Docker container:

$ docker run -d \
             --name genomehubs-download \
             -v ~/genomehubs/v1/download/conf:/conf:ro \
             -v ~/genomehubs/v1/download/data:/var/www/html/v1:ro \
             -p 8882:8080 \

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